Plaza Ventures


Plazacorp has been a distinguished real estate developer since the 1980s. We have completed over 25 mid-rise and high-rise condominium developments with an aggregate value of $3B, and have ten projects with an aggregate value of $2.5B under development now. The company has been re-branded as "Plaza" and operates the real estate web site at

We became involved in technology investing as a means to diversify and to contribute to the entrepreneurial economy. Since 1998 we have invested in over 50 technology companies. Plaza Ventures was established as a formal investment practice in 2008.

We invest in high-growth technology companies looking for value-added capital. We are friendly co-investors with VCs and angel groups. We act as a professionally-managed conduit for angel investment via our Investment Partner Program. We have invested in early stage funds and accelerators and have completed follow-on investments in our growing companies.

Source: Plaza Ventures


We are known as value-added investors, helping to solve problems, accelerate growth and deliver liquidity outcomes.

Our outstanding group of LPs delivers world-class connectivity to enterprises for sales and partnership development. We prepare our companies for subsequent financings with strategy and governance work, and we continue to support our companies financially on the way up.

Source: Plaza Ventures

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    10 Wanless Ave #201,
    Toronto, ON M4N 1V6
  • Key Personnel
    Daniel Brothman - Co-Founder
    Tania De Gasperis - Manager, Projects and Communication
    Jesse Kaplan - Venture Partner
    Matthew Leibowitz - Partner