Fund Investments & Co-Investments

Mink Capital can help whether you have experience in private equity funds or are investing for the first time.

Funds Investing

Private equity funds have differing investment strategies based on

  • logo-mink Industries
  • logo-mink Geographies
  • logo-mink Deal size
  • logo-mink Firm stage

Based on your distinctive investment and exposure needs Mink Capital offers its  expertise in identifying private fund profiles  to select the appropriate private equity funds for your family office.

Mink Capital provides invaluable information through:

  • logo-mink Third party review on fund investment strategy
  • logo-mink Deal execution
  • logo-mink Portfolio companies
  • logo-mink Analysis of investor style


  • logo-mink Enhanced portfolio return – by allowing investors to participate directly in individual deals.
  • logo-mink Co-Investment Rights (rights that are generally given to institutions such as large pensions) are facilitated through aggregating family offices to negotiate with private equity firms
  • logo-mink Due diligence – once family offices have co-investment rights, Mink Capital assists in performing due diligence on each co-investment opportunity.

For further information on this complex topic see linked video: Private Equity Fund Investments and Co-Investments