Direct Investments

The best opportunities, when investing directly in private companies, are found through proprietary deal flow, which is primarily obtained through extensive network connections. It is naive to believe that you can get great deals through investment banks, brokers and other “traditional” methods.
Mink Capital’s extensive network reaches family offices, private equity funds, entrepreneurs and more.

Mink Capital will:

  • logo-mink Value and negotiate the deal
  • logo-mink Create a structure to align everyone’s interests
  • logo-mink Perform effective due diligence throughout the transaction
  • logo-mink Develop and execute a strategy to ensure you are creating value

Mink Capital’s unrivaled ability to obtain proprietary deal flow will ensure that you find the most advantageous investments for your family office.

Two of our direct investments include:

For further information on this complex topic see the linked video: Private Equity Direct Investments