CopperLion Capital


CopperLion Capital is Kyle R. Washington's family office and is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia.

CopperLion Capital performs corporate development and special projects on behalf of the Washington Companies that include, Seaspan Marine Corporation, Envirocon, Modern Machinery, Montana Resources, Montana Rail and Southern Railway of British Columbia and interests inSeaSpan Corportation (NYSE: SSW), Aviation Partners, Inc. and Aviations Partners Boeing (a joint venture between Aviation Partners, Inc. and The Boeing Company).

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• Established operating businesses
• North American-based
• History of profitability
• $50 million or more of revenues
• Only in one of the following industries:

Source: CopperLion Capital

  • Industry Focus
  • Year Founded
  • Address
    2600 - 200 Granville Street,
    Vancouver, BC V6C 1S4
  • Key Personnel
    Kyle Washington - Executive Chairman, CopperLion Capital
    Byron Horner - President, CopperLion Capital